Our town has been working for 7 long years to try to build the TLA-Holbrook municipal solid waste Transfer Station.  At the 11th hour other cities and towns sidelined our transfer station, a project that will greatly benefit Holbrook residents. That’s wrong!  Please sign the petition to show your support for the TLA-Holbrook municipal solid waste Transfer Station and allow Holbrook to choose.


  • In 2008 Holbrook voters approved this transfer station by an overwhelming 84%.
  • The project provides residents with free curbside trash pickup! Holbrook taxpayers stand to save over $480,000 annually.
  • It generates revenue for Holbrook from outside resources reducing the need to raise taxes and fees.  The town stands to earn approximately $538,000 annually.
  • The project cleans up contaminated town-owned property.  TLA-Holbrook has already spent $96,000 assessing the site and designing an approach for remediation, saving Holbrook taxpayers from this expense as well as future clean up expenses.
  • If the project is defeated, it will cost Holbrook taxpayers over one million dollars annually in lost revenue and increased expenses.
  • Multiple studies have shown that the impact to traffic in Holbrook and surrounding communities will be minimal.
  • The TLA-Holbrook municipal solid waste Transfer Station has the support of the Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board, the Conservation Commission and thousands of area residents.

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